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Etiquette Guide For Escort Clients

Every business industry has a particular set of rules and regulations. These guidelines determine how we act or work to keep things running smoothly. The same applies to the sex industry as well. You might think it’s all just a simple call and an intimate encounter. But there’s more to this. If you make a wrong move, your first experience can go wrong in horrible ways. And you might not get a second chance again. So, if you’re a first-timer and want to know how to go about it, we’re here to help.

Here are a few etiquette habits you should remember while booking and meeting an escort.

1. Commitment

Once you book an escort, never turn your back. In fact, you should only email or message them if you’re sure you want to book them. Escorts don’t like dealing with people who set a date and leave them hanging dry when the time comes.

Commitment is also vital if you want them to see you as a serious customer. If you make a blunder on your first try, there are no second chances. Double-check your schedules before booking an escort. If you’re on a tight schedule, consider postponing your date for another time.

2. Choice Of Words

Ensure that you are professional with what you send while booking an escort. It’s all about good communication.

Never write anything specific or something that would offend anyone in your emails or texts. You want to be polite with them and provide all the necessary information. These include details like your name, date, time, place of meeting, etc. Everything should be clear-cut; otherwise, you’re wasting time and energy.

3. The Screening Process

You’re only halfway through, even if you’ve successfully booked an escort. The screening process determines whether you’re a reliable and trustworthy client. Thus, it’s essential to make an excellent first impression. This includes following the guidelines and meeting the escort’s requirements. Some escorts will ask for other details like a driver’s license or an advance deposit.

This is common practice and is usually listed in plain text if you find a provider online. For example, most providers on Skipthegames escort site will list their screening requirements prior to setting up an appointment.

If you cannot meet such requirements, you’re better off booking a different person

4. Presenting Yourself

Whether it’s a first date or an anniversary dinner, you would like to look your best. The same thing applies while meeting your escort. Wear your best outfit and professionally present yourself. No escort will enjoy their time with you if you are dressed shabbily or, worse, smell bad.

Make sure you have enough shower and grooming time after work. You want to avoid meeting someone in your 9-5 work clothes. Always trim your nails, shave, dress to impress, etc. Presenting your best shows, you respect your date.

5. Timing Is Everything

When it comes to meeting someone, timing is everything. Yes, we know how many dates have gone down the drain due to mismanagement of time.

It doesn’t create a pleasant impression when you are running late or arriving late. Remember that you have booked your escort for a specific amount of time. If your escort has other bookings later, you aren’t getting any extra time because of your carelessness. Furthermore, arriving too early is not good either. Keep good track of time. You can wait in your car or at a cafe if it’s too early. That way, you can meet your date precisely on time.

6. First Pay, Then Play

Never pay your escort after finishing the job. You want to pay first and then proceed with the action. Your escort would never ask you to pay first, which would be considered impolite. Thus, it is your job to make them comfortable and pay immediately after exchanging greetings. After that, everything else will fall in the proper order.

7. Follow Your Escort’s Guide

Not every encounter in bed works well with too much action. When you move too fast, you make it worse for both parties. We understand that you want your money’s worth. But you also want to enjoy and savor the moment. If you rush, you will end up ruining everything.

Therefore, you want your escort to set the pace. It’s always good to know each other first or even share a glass of champagne if there’s time. Once you get in bed, start gently. Check in with your partner and ask whether they’re enjoying it or not.

8. Respect Your Partner’s Wishes

If your partner declines something you want, it is reasonable to respect their wishes. You can’t always have things your way.

There are certain things you love doing in bed, but your escort does not. If you force them anyway, things will take an ugly turn.

You can also ask them to stop or request something else if it’s not working for you. Remember that such kind of sex is about what both parties agree to do together. If you work together, agreeing on certain things, it will be more comfortable.

9. Stop At The Right Time

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the timing thing we talked about earlier. Whether you’re satisfied or not, if the escort’s time is up, they will request to leave. And you should oblige with their request as they have other sessions to attend.

You won’t have time to cuddle or nap because escorts are professionals. They can’t give you extra time and will request to leave early to reach their next destination on time. You need to respect their schedule and agree with their requests.

Wrapping It Up 😉

Remember that escorts are professionals, and we need to behave accordingly. If we keep these etiquettes in mind, you will leave an excellent impression. They won’t hesitate to enjoy time with you again. Plus, we cannot always have things our way. Hiring an escort comes with certain cons too. But there are regulations we need to respect at all costs. Avoiding or going against them will result in severe consequences.

We hope this guide helps you if you’re looking to guide your first escort. If you follow all the steps, you’re in for a ton of fun.

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